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Janice and I meet in 2013 -and we first got to know each other online for a few month before we decided to meet. Remember the first time I see her at the airport in Manila like it was  yesterday. We spent a few days in Manila before we decided to take of and go to Daram Samar where her family lives. For me that was a interesting trip. Daram is a  smaller Island in the Visaya’s and the only way to get there is by boat. I came back a couple more times and In August of 2014 we decided to get Married. At that point I decided to Permanently move to the Philippines as she showed no interest to move to the United States as for many other women that is a dream but for Janice no – she is a “home girl” and stays put. 

I am now about to retire as I am  getting  close to “that” age when you  can and we are looking forward to do some more travel in the Philippines and other parts of Asia and as we do we will share that on our VLOG.

I have now resided here Philippines for the last 4 years and our blog and VLOG  will be a source of information for those who might think of doing their move here to the Philippines.  Feel free to ask us any question and we will try answer based on our experience. 

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I was born and grow up in Sweden but moved to the United States in 1992 at age 38. Getting close to retirement I started looking for some opportunities to live abroad and in early 2013 I did meet my now Filipina wife Janice. After 15 months of dating and travel back and forth we got married in august of 2014 and I decided to move to Philippines in December of 2014 to be with my now Filipino wife wife. (She is one exemption from the rule – she is a home girl and did not want to live in USA or Sweden. This YouTube Channel and our website will cover many aspects and subjects of a life in Philippines. Our mission is to have fun while we make our videos, and hope that our viewers will and enjoy and also get some Q & A’s answered in videos and on our web-site. Tips and advice when you plan to moving to Philippines

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